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Tennessee Wine & Spirits Retailers Association (TWSRA)
The Tennessee Wine and Spirits Retailers Association represents more than 600 small business owners across Tennessee and plays a critical role in the moderation, regulation and control of beverage alcohol in our state.
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StopTeenDrinking.org A movement is underway to liberalize the liquor laws in the State of Tennessee by putting wine in big box stores, grocery stores and convenience stores across the state.

This change would significantly damage to Tennessee public safety and small businesses by:

  • Increasing access to high proof alcohol for minors and those with alcohol addiction
  • Threatening the future of 600 Tennessee-owned retail stores in favor of big, out-of-state corporations
  • Jeopardizing the jobs of 3000 Tennesseans during the worst economic crisis since the Depression.
Alcohol is not something you play with. It is not food or clothing. It must be tightly regulated and controlled.

Please help us keep Tennessee liquor laws strong. Contact your legislator today.

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