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Tennessee Wine & Spirits Retailers Association (TWSRA)
The Tennessee Wine and Spirits Retailers Association represents more than 600 small business owners across Tennessee and plays a critical role in the moderation, regulation and control of beverage alcohol in our state.
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Board of Directors 

We are your voice. The Tennessee Wine & Spirits Retailers Association was founded to protect the interests of the independent package store owners of Tennessee. We represent more than 500 liquor store owners across Tennessee, taking a powerful, cohesive stand that legislators and regulators cannot ignore. Our board of directors is made up of liquor store owners throughout the state, and we meet regularly to decide on policies and procedures that allow us to best represent our membership.


ADVOCATE - The TWSRA serves as the advocate for the retail beverage industry by promoting legislation and regulations which will improve business methods and the economic climate of the industry, and by opposing that which might not best serve the public, the retailers, or the alcoholic beverage industry as a whole.

EDUCATE - At TWSRA we recognize the importance of retailer and citizen to encourage a better relationship between our industry and the consumers of Tennessee . By doing this we elevate the reputation of the licensed beverage and increase the responsibility of our customers.

RELATE - The TWSRA provides a means to foster a better understanding and cooperation among members of the retail beverage industry throughout Tennessee.


We aggressively contact key legislative committee chairs and actively represent you at legislative and regulatory hearings that affect the beverage alcohol industry as a whole. You can't come to the General Assembly every day; we are your eyes and ears, arms and legs.

Our TWSRA government relations experts are constantly working with the legislature and the Alcoholic Beverage Commission to cooperate with law enforcement agencies so that all alcoholic beverage permitted businesses are operated in accordance with Tennessee Law.