Currently, there are no legal matters the TWSRA is engaged at this time. 


In 2018, The TWSRA represented retailers in the US Supreme Court case TWSRA vs. Thomas.  The ‘Tennessee case’, which was spurred by liquor retailer behemoth Total Wine & Spirits who challenged TN law, ultimately ruled the residency requirement for obtaining a state liquor license as unconstitutional.  This case showed the importance of retailers standing together and efforts made by the TWSRA to fight for TN retailers event to the highest court in the land to have your voice heard.


Meanwhile, there are a currently a number of Direct to Consumer (DTC) cases across the country that are advocating to open up alcohol shipments for all retailers.  These cases are using the TN case ruling for their argument to circumvent the three-tier system.  Many cases are being lost at state and district courts, but advocates only need one case to reach the US Supreme Court which is their goal.  The TWSRA is keeping a watchful eye and receiving updates from the American Beverage Licenses (ABL), which is a national ‘umbrella’ association of state liquor retailer and tavern associations located in Washington DC.


Today, small business liquor retailers continue to have a ‘target’ on their backs as large out of state interests are determined to ‘chip away’ at small business by changing our state laws to their favor.  Our TWSRA advisors remain vigilant watching after legislation and legal issues that impact your business.